Our Vision

We aim to help reduce food insecurity and help the environment by transforming local yards into micro-farms and then connecting all the micro-farms together with open sourced tech solutions. With the goal of allowing urban farmers to trade their harvest, and or donate the excess to local food banks.

We want to educate people on more sustainable farming methods like permaculture and other regenerative farming methods on the cutting edge. While also researching modern applications of technology to help aggregate better growing data and network weather conditions and food sharing to help end food deserts. 

The team at New Garden Farms is currently in early phases of securing 501(c)3 status and growing our roots as a non-profit. We are currently seeking donations and are running a fundraiser to help grow our edible vision into fruition.

Wanna help us feed more folks?

Check out our seedling fundraiser to help us start up our non-profit.
Seedling Sale

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