Mission Statement

We’re reducing food insecurity by transforming neighborhoods into environmentally sustainable micro-farms and sharing the bounty with those in need.

Core Values


Nature thrives on diversity, and so do people! We embrace and aim to create safe spaces for diversity, leading us all to a more inclusive path.

Fair Share

We believe living within our means is necessary. Sharing any surplus means less waste and more community. The goal is not to gain or get anything out of sharing but to acknowledge that the shift from certain capitalistic ideals is nourishing for our society.


There is no way to truly see balance in the world if we do not have acceptance. As an organization, we feel it is of utmost importance to accept everyone we come in contact with, regardless of any differences we might have.


Every single person inherently has value. It’s our job as members of society to look for and foster that value, while at the same time looking past any shortcomings. No one is ever more important than the next regardless of credentials or monetary success. This is the driving force behind the New Garden Farms mission.


Historically regeneration is a necessity to live, much of agriculture has been stripped of this, and NGF is going back to the roots of agriculture. Focusing on regenerative practices for gardens and people together.

Community & Collaboration

The value of community is infinitely stronger than we ever thought! Utilizing fair share and environmentally sustainable tactics in the home and garden leads to neighborhoods turning into a free market for produce and whatever else you have in your new garden farm. Join us in sharing any and all produce and make an impact on lives in your community.

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